JPco-fuND Intermediate Symposium (2017 Nov 30th - Dec 1st) in The Hague, The Netherlands

  • 28/05/2018

The BRIDGET project participated at the the JPco-fuND Intermediate Symposium that was held from Thursday 30 November to Friday 01 December 2017 in The Hague, The Netherlands. The symposium was part of the project follow-up and monitoring requirements of the JPco-fuND initiative, with the aim of bringing together all of the research projects supported by JPco-fuND and to facilitate knowledge sharing and communication between the different research groups.

The BRIDGETcoordinator (Prof. S.Debette) and two delegates from the international BRIDGET consortium (Prof. H. Grabe (P4) and Dr. H. Adams (P5)) presented the aims and progress of the project contributed to the discussions and poster presentations over the 2 days meeting. During the event, they had the opportunity to meet and network with scientists and researchers from across the JPco-fuND network. 

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