Fumi Matsuda, PhD,  is Professor and Director of the Center for Genomic Medicine at Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, and adjunct Professor at Pasteur Institute in Paris (joint lab). Previous positions include head of the Gene Identification lab at the Centre National de Genotypage (CNG, France). His major accomplishments include the mapping of the susceptibility locus for lung cancer and the identification of the gene responsible for statin-induced myopathy. He focuses on transethnic genetic studies and isolation of susceptibility genes for cancer, non-communicable and rare diseases. He also pioneered the “Human Biology” field involving large-scale populations with periodic collection of biological samples and comprehensive analyses of human biomolecules using state-of-theart technologies. He directs the “Nagahama Study” on 10,000 participants from Nagahama, Japan.

Updated on 17/11/2017


Fumi Matsuda, PhD

Center for Genomic Medicine;
Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine; Shogoin,
606-8507, Kyoto, JAPAN

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