Workpackage #2

Explore lifetime determinants of brain aging via longitudinal profiling of genomic, epigenomic, and environmental markers across the lifespan

Leadership  P1 & P3

We will take an original lifetime perspective, through examination of samples in various age categories spanning from young to older age, many of which with repeated MRI and blood sampling. Indeed, there is increasing evidence that early-life factors play an important role in the occurrence of late-onset neurodegenerative diseases.

We propose:

(a) an innovative exploration of lifetime changes in methylation associated with structural brain alterations using a novel bisulfite sequencing technology, to help identify functional and disease relevant variants

(b) to study the modifying effects of vascular risk factors and socio-economic status on genetic/epigenetic determinants of brain aging.

Task associated to this work package are:

  • WP2.1. Association of risk & protective variants with structural brain alterations across lifespan
  • WP2.2. Examine epigenetic determinants of structural brain alterations across the lifespan
  • WP2.3. Interaction with vascular comorbidities & psychosocial factors

Updated on 17/11/2017